Resizing disk size for a Ganeti instance

This process entails two stages:

a) Adding Disk space to a Ganeti instance

Stop the machine using the command below:

root@master-node:~# gnt-instance stop

NB: is the name of the Ganeti instance to be re-sized

There after, run the command below.

Warning: Since this command usually takes long to complete, it’s strongly advised that you run it when working directly on the console of the machine, or in screen mode in case you’re working remotely.

root@master-node:~# gnt-instance grow-disk 0 50g

This command will grow the disk 0 (first disk) of the ganeti instance called by 50GB, meaning the disk size will be increased by 50GB from its initial, that is to say, from 200GB to 250GB.

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